I Knew a Girl

by Bailout 42

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(verse 1)
I knew a girl who was once so strong
she dealt with the pain for so long,
every night she feared,
her father would bring her to tears.
One hit at a time but she stood tall,
she woke up every morning, bruises and all,
but the day came when it was all too much,
and all she wanted was her mother's touch.

But she was long gone
though death is so wrong.

(vs 2)
But the little girl is now a teenager
with no idea how to control her anger,
she self medicated with all the pills,
looking for just one more thrill.
And she found that she was gay,
and her dad turned her away.
Nowhere to go, and no one to show.
That she was falling apart,
she knew it would break her mother's heart
she lived on the street, with nothing to eat.
She lost her soul as she sold herself
she believed that she was beyond help.
She used every cent for her next fix
nothing to lose, but everything to miss


Close your eyes, dream of clearer skies.
In my heart you're alive, you'll never fall behind

(vs 3)

The day was set to come
and sure enough it did
someone walked down the street
and found her body dead.
The father who didn't care
became the man with tears
he can't look in the mirror
although it's been years.
He waited around
thinking she would come back,
he grew many feelings he used to lack
he buried his own daughter
with scars on her wrist
he looks up and shouts
"God, did I cause this?!"

The physical pain was nothing compare to the emotion
a man lost all he had,
because she was overdosing
he knew it was his fault,
he never understood
the daughter he raised
ended up in the hood.
"How did this happen?"
was all he could ask
relationships like these don't always last
he sees the light,
he knows it's his time
a pull of the trigger,
and he would be fine.
He followed the light,
and left nothing
never had the chance to become something
what's left of the family
is now two graves
a father sleeping next to the daughter he couldn't save





released March 12, 2017
Lucas Santora: Guitars, Synth programming, drum programming
Anthony Carriero: Vocals
Ian Santora: Bass, Synth programming. drum programming
Maria Mataresse: Guitar
David LoNigro: Synth programming, drum programming



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Bailout 42 New York

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